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Comprehensive therapy services since 1994
(marriage (couples) therapy, weight loss, depression, phobia (anxiety, OCD), fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, lupus, ADHD, hypnosis, PTSD)
"Helping people advance through life's challenges as quickly as possible"

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Picture of Dr. Marshall Colt of Advance Counseling who helps San Diego County.

Dr. Marshall Colt


Clients Have Said...

"The sense one one of respect for Dr. Colt's personal integrity and a genuine liking of him as a person.   His sense of humor, down to earth manner of relating, his sensitivity, and his genuine interest in others were all much appreciated, not just by [us], but by his clients and colleagues as well."  -- VA Medical Center, Denver

"Thank you so much.  You have been incredible." -- S.C.

"I don't know how often you get compliments,'re remarkable.  Very easy to talk to.  I know the motivation I felt in all the changes I have made came from the progress I felt even after just our first meeting.  Thank you, Dr. Colt." --B.M.

"Of all the mediocre, and less than mediocre, therapists I've seen, and I'm not patronizing you, Marshall, you're the best therapist I've ever had." -- W.K.

...was impressed at breadth and depth of experience." --  P.F.

"I was impressed with your straightforward, fair, no nonsense approach.  I even told my friends, 'This guy is good.'" --  D.R.

"[Name] was adamant about not wanting to come to counseling, but now he actually loves it!" --  H.H.

"I don't know why we waited so long to do this." --  Kansas

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Our Counseling Philosophy

    Advance Counseling provides brief, solution-focused counseling, so it advances more quickly than other therapies.  I do not sit in the chair, nod and take notes and say, "I'll see you next week."  You'll be hearing as much from me (teaching tools and techniques) as I'll be asking to hear from you.  Again, we'll be advancing as quickly as possible since I believe stringing out counseling more than necessary is unethical.  I like to see clients come in, get what they need and go back to their real lives without being dependent on me or other counseling.

    Counseling or therapy is an intimate process, a unique and cooperative effort.  The decision to enter therapy/counseling is an investment in your future.  It is important work that often changes the course of a relationship and/or a person's life.  We are experienced in counseling individual adults, adolescents and couples, and truly love doing it.

    However, the counseling process calls for trust and teamwork, which require one-to-one meetings to build a therapeutic relationship.  We don't allow managed care and insurance companies to dictate your treatment plan.  That's something for you and your counselor to determine.  We provide you a safe, confidential time with someone who knows how to help you better manage the challenges of life and relationships.

    Some problems can be addressed successfully in a relatively short time.  Others require more in-depth work.  In either case, the decision on how to proceed will be made jointly by only you and your counselor.  Every person and couple is different.  We don't have "cookie cutter" ways of helping people.  You and your situation are unique and we'll treat you that way.

    If this philosophy of counseling makes sense to you, simply click on how we can help you.  Your initial, 10-minute phone consultation is complimentary, and in complete confidence, so you've nothing to lose, except the unhappiness you're likely now experiencing.  We're here to help.  --  Marshall Colt, Ph.D., LMFT

Hotlines:  National Suicide Hotline: 1.800.784.2433 | Rape Crisis 24-Hour Hotline: 1.888.DVLINKS (385.4657)    

Advance Counseling - San Diego

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